Community A La-Cart Errand Service




Breakfast, lunch or dinner, let Taskable Pros curb that appetite! Whether you need help with the delivery of a meal for one or a meal for you and your friends, a Task Pro will do a pick up in time to serve warm. Our team can even help you with the ordering process, pick up and deliver so you never have to go hungry. Meals served warm are the best meals


Dry Cleaning 

Need help getting your clothes to and from the dry cleaners? Let one of our qualified Task Pros assist you in collecting, dropping off and picking up at the dry cleaners of your choice. Not sure which dry cleaners to choose? No problem. We would be happy to assist you with the best choice for your needs. We will even ask your dry cleaner’s for any coupons, savings, deals and more!


Video Rentals/Returns - Kiosks

Looking for something fun to watch? Our Task Pro will pick up and drop off the latest videos so you can sit back and enjoy the show. Don’t worry about return dates, we will set a reminder and make sure your rental doesn’t acquire any late fees. Browse the movie you want, or tell us about your selections and we will surprise you with the best of the best!



Pick up and drop off to your favorite library for your favorite books, records, resources, movies and more is just a trip away for a Task Pro.



Stay connected! Our Task Pro will pick up and drop off any mail, deliveries, or boxes, as needed. Send mail, letters, gifts, returns, and receive purchases without ever having to deal with the post office. A Task Pro will gather, deliver, pickup and mail all your packages.


Your health is important to us! Don’t miss a single prescription with Taskable Pros pick up and drop off services. A Task Pro will pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy location of your choice and drop off to your home. This is the perfect way to get your medication to you especially if it’s an urgent situation..



If you don’t see it, ask if we provide it! From personal shopping, to special errands, to additional services, just ask!


Got Questions? Call Us 866-377-TASK


returns/ exchanges / deliveries

Purchased something recently? Don’t really like it? Ask us about our returns/exchanges services. Not all things fit perfectly and Taskable Pros is here to help you get exactly what you need. We will help make sure all your exchanges and returns are processed and drop off properly.


gifts / cards

Birthdays, Holidays, Celebrations! We all love to give at special times of the year. Let Taskable Pros help you get the perfect gift or card for your special occasion. Whether you are celebrating a grandchild's birthday, shopping for Christmas or sending a special gift to a special someone, a Task Pro will shop for your needs and help you deliver it.


holiday shopping

Tis the season! Holiday shopping can be hectic and stressful for many. Take the work out by letting our team help you! We will shop for your family and friends and search for the best products to fit your Holiday shopping list.

grocery shopping

Groceries are essential to us all! Let our team help you create the shopping list for your needs or pick up your list and we will then shop for all the groceries you need at the store of your choice. Our team will hand deliver all your groceries to your home. Never miss out on an grocery item again! Need help putting your groceries away? Let us                                         know and for an additional low cost and a Task Pro will put your                                                 groceries away in the right areas you would like them.

We Are Your Trusted Help For Seniors



special events & occasions reminders

Hosting a party, get-together, birthday party or a special event? Our team will pick up and deliver supplies, food, cake, drinks, etc!




Need help researching information? Big ticket purchases such as electronics, vacations, airfare? Let us know and we will be able to help!



Personal purchases, returns and exchanges, ask how we can assist you with you needs. Other services include shopping research, price comparisons, product review, online orders and more!

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Last minute things can happen! Let Taskable Pros help you with that emergency deliveries! Ask about our “last minute” delivery rate! Whether you need lunch delivered, special reports printed or copies, airlines tickets and projects - our Task Pros are here to help you!



Need a Document Notarized? Well, let one of our Insured and Bonded Task Pros provide you with a convenient mobile notary service. Don’t worry about going to a Notary, let us come to you, we will travel to you at your own convenience were we offer professional, timely and reliable services.